How to create a free blog? – Step By Step Guide

How to create a free blog? – Step By Step Guide
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How to create a free blog on BlogSpot.com – Step By Step Guide

Blogging is a hot trend nowadays, people blog to share their views, knowledge and even to make decent full time income with their blogs. If you are the one who is pretty obsessed with blogging and want to join massive blogshpere then you have landed on a right place. Creating a blog it is extremely easy and Blogspot.com is the best free platform for any newbie. First of all choose blog topic or niche before you start creating blog.  Hope you have decided on your blog niche so here is our step by step guide to get started with blogging.

There are many blogging platforms like Blogspot.com, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Tumblr, Weebly and many more but here we will be explaining how to get started with Blogspot.com (Blogger) as it is super easy and absolutely free and these qualities make it an ideal platform for new bloggers.

Step 1 Get started with BlogSpot.com

In order to create your blog, visit BlogSpot.com where you can sign in using your current Google (Gmail) account. If you don’t own Gmail account you can create one very easily.

After login to the BlogSpot.com you will asked to use an identity which is Google Plus profile or as an alternate you can opt for limited BlogSpot profile. On selecting one of these options your blogger profile is ready.

Once you are logged in click on “CREATE NEW BLOG” as shown in the image:


Step 2 Name your blog:

Now, you will need to give a name and choose domain for your blog. The domain name is the address of your blog so it is suggested to keep the domain name relevant to your blog niche. After that you can choose blog design from available blogger templates that are free of cost and you can change theme easily at any time.

Important note: A free domain would look like yourblog.blogspot.com but you can purchase custom domain too and use it with your blogger blog. The custom domain would be yourblog.com or any other extension that you choose such as .in, .org, .co etc.

After selecting name, domain and template for blog click on “Create blog!”

Now your blog has been created successfully.

Step 3 Blog settings

You can change layout and theme settings, create new pages, check your earnings from the menu present at right side in dashboard.


Here is the screenshot of your newly created blog’s dashboard:

Now click on “New post” to make your first blog-post. Here is the blogspot editor screenshot where you will write content:

Write attractive content and publish it. Play with settings and layout of you blog and you will learn more about the features of blogspot and then you can easily customize it as per your requirement.

Step 4 Promote your blog

Okay, as you have created your blog you would want to have some readers too. You can get readers by promoting your blog. So learn some SEO and do social media marketing through your social profile and you will surely get visitors to your blog!

Once you have got good hands on blogging and have grabbed some viewers too, apply for Google Adsence to make some earning from the blog. Hope you like this step by step guide!







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