How to Earn with Step by Step Guide

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How to Earn with Step by Step Guide

How to Use Amazon Affiliate Program- Step by Step Guide is a leading worldwide e-commerce company that sells almost all kinds of products.  It is one of the most visited e-commerce website. Anyone can make money from Amazon without selling their products. Yes, that is right!

People can make money without any investment through their powerful affiliate program. You can sign up for or any other country if your target is specific country.

Here is the complete process to get started with affiliate program:

Step 1: Signup with affiliate program

To get started with this program visit and you will see a ‘Join Now for Free’ option. Just click on this. See screenshot below:

Step 2: Submit Personal details

Now you will come at this signup page that has a simple sing up form. Just enter your details carefully. Since you are signing up for new account so select the option ‘I am a new customer’ and then click on ‘Sign in using our secure server’. See screenshot below:

Fill this form shown below and click on ‘Create account’.

After this another page will open that asks for personal information. Page looks like this:

On the completion of this form your Amazon affiliate account will be active.

Step 3: Start creating affiliate links:

On the successful completion of your profile you can now proceed to generate affiliate links and share those on your blogs and social networking profiles.

Visit and you will see a search bar on top of the page. Look here:

In this search bar you can directly search for the products and can get your affiliate link.

Just type your keyword in this box and click on ‘Go’ and you will see the results like this:

To generate the affiliate link just click on the yellow button saying ‘Get link’. After that you will be directed to next page:

On this page just click on “Highlight HTML” and copy that code and paste into your blogs/website along with catchy content.

Important: You have many more options for this HTML code such as code for only text or only image and even you can get your affiliate link for posting into your blog widget. Have a look at these options below:

Option 1: Text and image:

Option 2: Text Only:

Option 3: Image Only:

Option 4: Add to Widget:

In each option you can change the style of your affiliate link such as Background Color, Title Color and Price Color.

And you are done!

On every purchase made through this link, you will get the commission.

Ways to promote your affiliate links:

There are hundreds of ways for distributing your affiliate links.  Now have a look at the possible ways to promote affiliate links to earn even more!!

  • Blog/website
  • Personal Facebook profile
  • Facebook Pages and groups
  • Google Plus (posts and groups)
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Create YouTube videos (information/reviews)
  • Review sites
  • Guest posting on other’s blogs (you will need catchy content about that product)
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest

Along with these there are many other ways but we have already shared the most popular ones. Try these methods and generate additional income!


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