How Affiliate Marketing Can Completely Transform Your Blog?

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How Affiliate Marketing Can Completely Transform Your Blog?

Affiliate marketing ranks among the topmost sources of income for bloggers. However, the process of making money from affiliate marketing can prove to be very slow and requires tremendous patience. Also it requires careful selection of organizations or companies for whom a blogger can work as affiliate.

In fact, affiliate marketing shows a steady Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of an average 10 percent over the last few years.  By mid-2020, the global affiliate marketing industry stood at $12 billion. The US itself accounts for nearly $6.8 billion from this figure.

These figures aptly signify that increasing number of bloggers and other website owners are turning to affiliate marketing to boost their overall revenues. Furthermore, more and more online businesses are also offering affiliate marketing. That’s because it offers them several, almost free marketing channels. Organizations that offer affiliate marketing have to pay commissions only when an affiliate sells something.

Given these facts and figures, let’s explore how affiliate marketing can completely transform your blog.Advertisement

Using Affiliate Marketing to Transform Your Blog

 if you’re a blogger that doesn’t do affiliate marketing as yet, I suggest you try it out now. From the figures above, it’s clear that affiliate marketing holds a lot for every blogger, if you get things right.

Therefore, here’re some ways affiliate marketing can help completely transform your blog.

Become Part of a Growing Industry

 As affiliate marketing becomes popular, an increasing number of companies and businesses of all sizes are jumping the bandwagon. In fact, organizations are upping their affiliate marketing spend by as high as 15 percent over the last few years. And projections are, these figures will grow exponentially.

The world’s single largest online retailer, Amazon, is a classic example. On average, over 40 percent of all sales on and other country specific websites occur through affiliate marketing.

In fact, research by various companies clearly indicates that 81 percent of marketers and 84 percent publishers leverage their sales through affiliate marketing. Again, these numbers will also rise in coming years.

Therefore, affiliate marketing can transform your blog by becoming a part of this rapidly expanding industry.

Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

 Just in case you’re unaware, affiliate marketing done rightly can also drive traffic to your blog. How’s that you might wonder. The answer is really simple.

Nowadays, a consumer has also become a researcher of sorts, regardless of their age, gender and location. The Internet and blogs allows consumers the vital resources of researching about a product or service before they actually click on their mouse to make a purchase. In fact, consumer surveys reveal, reading blogs is common among 87 percent of consumers, during the initial phases of buying, or when a consumer decides to actually buy something.

A consumer looks for honest reviews and feedback from people that’re already using the product or service. This is where your blog comes in. If you can provide honest and unbiased reviews about a product or service, there’re superb chance that consumers will be drawn towards your blog.

And more traffic is something that every blogger wants. In fact, honest reviews and write-ups about products and services as part of affiliate marketing is something that could help this endeavor. At the same time, such efforts also need support through Search Engine Optimization and other digital marketing processes.

Strengthens Email Marketing


When you add affiliate marketing to your blog, your email marketing strategy also gets a boost. And this serves to transform your blog. Unfortunately, modern-day bloggers as well as several companies small and large falsely believe that email marketing is no longer relevant, redundant and old fashioned. But they’re wrong. Instead, email marketing is relevant till date as you might find from the volume of emails you get in your inbox daily,

As a rule, people will part with the email ID and subscribe to updates from your blog only when they have some benefits or are looking for something.

Hence, providing affiliate marketing increases the number of people who would subscribe for your updates. That’s because they would love to know about the new product reviews that feature on your blog while looking for affiliate links. This increases your reader engagement and your emails are taken more seriously.

Emails have one inherent advantage that most marketers often ignore. And that is, emails are shareable. This means, your subscribers or people on your email list can forward your message to others who wish to buy the product or read a superb review before purchasing.

In Conclusion

These are the three topmost ways how affiliate marketing can completely transform your blog. Additionally, companies would also offer paid or sponsored posts to attract your followers, adding to your income. And Google AdSense will also display relevant ads for people to click and check online stores or company websites. These work in synergy to boost your blog.