Top 10 PART TIME JOBS - you can Earn in your Free time! 

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Top 10 PART TIME JOBS - you can Earn in your Free time! 

10 PART TIME JOBS that lets you earn in your free time! 

Part time jobs are the jobs letting you work in your free hours from home. Students also want to take responsibility of their education by earning through part time jobs. There are legitimate part time jobs on Internet. Some of the best Part time jobs are as under-


One who is self employed and provides a professional administrative, technical or creative assistance through the remote place to clients is "Virtual Assistance". It is believed that there are 25000 Virtual Assistants working worldwide. They work from home and communicate with clients through internet, emails or conference calls. Need an electronic device with a high speed internet to work from home. You can check the sites up and for these jobs.

2. Medical Transcriptionist:

Transcription is a process of converting voice recorded reports into text formats. So as a Medical Transcriptionist converts the health care dictation voice recorded reports into text format. Sparing part time to this field can help you a lot. These Medical Transcription Services are estimated to reach a value of 60.6 billion in 2019. A medical transcriptionist earns $16.63 per hour.
These jobs can be easily found through local hospitals and visiting physicians.


The one who represent the company on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Four square etc. is known as Social Media Manager. The person who has Remarkable following on social media platforms and is highly active, this job is the best option. A Social Media Manager has to administer social marketing and the advertising for the company. It requires a "Regular Publishing Schedule" and “high quality content" and promotes with help of social advertising. will be the beneficial site for you regarding these jobs.


A programmer who is specialized in creating programs or applications for World Wide Web. No requirement of any formal education, but you have some advanced skills for a Web Developer Job, it will be an added advantage.
"HTML, CSS and JavaScript
"Programming or Coding"
"Ability to utilize a database"
These are the common skills you must have for applying part time web developer job.


Accuracy and efficiency are the most important things required in Data Entry Jobs. There are thousands of companies provided Data Entry Jobs without any Investment. No special skills are required. No matter what your age is and how much you are qualified. You will be judged on your efficiency of doing your task. High efficiency, higher the earning will be. There is a top freelance website Elance that offers data entry jobs.


A blog or sometimes called weblog is an easily editable webpage with posts organized in reverse order. It represents a list of posts. This is by far the best option for part time jobs.

7. Travel Agent:

A Travel agent is an organizer of tours or trips for the travellers. Travel Agent searches for the best possible deals, under the budget of the client. From transportation to accommodation or airline schedules to hotel reservation, all things have to plan by the Travel Agent. Whether a single person or a group, its Travel Agent's responsibility to organize for the client's best experience.


Translation is a process of conversion of one language to another. If you have a bachelor's degree and fluency in more than two languages, try out this one. Translators have to spare some time to work under tight deadlines from home. For choosing this part time job, refer the website for a number of job opportunities.


Call Centre Representatives serves their customers with satisfactory customer calls. Determine customer requirements, resolving problems and fulfilment of customers' requests are the tasks have to perform by a call center representative. Basis on your years of experience, one can earn a minimum of $12.88 per hour. Accessing from home you require some software, a computer with Internet connection. Check out and, they offer thousands of part time jobs.


New articles with immense knowledge of particular topics and a good writing experience needed for Freelancer writing. Many new sites watch out for good content writers for posting best articles on their pages. sites lists Freelancing posts to work on.


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