How to Make Money from your Website?

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How to Make Money from your Website?

Do you want to generate an income from your website? Or do you wish to start a website to make money from home? Making money from blogging is the latest trend that allows you to be your own boss. If you are also one of those who want to work on your own terms then this post is for you.

Of course you will need website/blog and you should work on it to monetize so you could get loads of traffic on your website. Once you have started getting traffic you can apply these money making methods on your website.

Here we explain the best ways that can help you supplement a good income source.

  1. Pay Per Click Ad networks: This is the best and most popular way to earn cash from your website. There are hundreds of PPC ad networks that place ads on websites and pay for every ad click. These are some of the reputed PPC ad networks:
  • Google Adsense
  • Infolinks
  • Kontera
  • com
  • Vibrant Media
  1. CPM Advertising Networks: The CPM ad networks are much like the PPC networks but they pay you for per thousand ad impressions (page views). The CPM cost may vary with the network and ad format. The popular CPM ad networks are:
  1. Directly Sell Advertising Space: It is another good way to earn money from your website. You can directly contact with the potential clients and put ad banners on your own. This method enables you to earn as much as you want because you set your rates for the advertisements.
  1. Selling Services: You could start your online business too from your website. Once you have gained audience then the next step is to directly sell your services to them. For example you have started a blog related to website building then you can make money by helping people setting up their websites or even you can charge money by creating their websites from scratch.
  1. Affiliate Marketing:

Nowadays everyone is aware of affiliate marketing because this is a powerful way to earn additional income from the blogs. You can promote the affiliate links for the products related to your website niche. There are various companies that run affiliate marketing campaigns. Advertisement

The best ones are:

  1. Create and sell your own digital products: Once your blog has gained decent amount of regular visitors, you can start creating digital products and sell that to your visitors. The digital products include:
  • Video tutorials
  • Ebooks
  • Software
  1. Sponsored Reviews: This is the most lucrative way to make money from the websites. You can post sponsored product/service reviews in return of money. The best thing is that you can get payment as much as you want.
  1. Donations: If you heard about this method for the first time then it might sound weird but it is an effective money making idea and many popular websites have done it and many are still doing. You can simply ask for the Donations in the widgets or any in other form.
  1. Pop-up ad networks: Pop-ups are very famous form of internet advertising. If you want to earn more cash then you can try popup ads too. PopupAd, Tribal Fusion and PayPopup are some popular networks for these types of ads.

There are many more methods to generate good income source from your websites. Though we have shared the most popular ones here!

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